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Site etiquette

Every plotholder signs a Tenancy Agreement when they take an allotment, and this is the legal document that entitles you to work your plot. The conditions therein must be adhered to. (See below to download a copy.) However, below are some points that have been extracted from this agreement that we see as fundamental to the site’s smooth and harmonious operation and for the benefit of all Plotholders.

  • Access to the site is only permitted between 05.00 and 22.00

  • To ensure the site’s security, the gate must be closed and locked at all times, except Sunday AM when BHS members who don’t have a plot can use the Trading Hut

  • You are expected to keep your plot cultivated and the surrounding area tidy. Cultivation surveys are conducted four times a year where the level of cultivation is checked, and if you are not within the permitted limits you will receive a letter

  • Each plot has the path on the right hand side (taken from the fairway) included and this path is your responsibility to keep tidy

  • You must not bring anything on to the site that you do not intend to use on the plot. No rubbish of any description is allowed, and if there are items you no longer require, it is your responsibility to remove them and dispose of off site

  • Bonfires are only allowed between October and March. During these months we ask you to respect our neighbours and abide by the Council’s guidelines (See below for full details)

  • Health and Safety is paramount, and you must ensure that there is nothing on your plot that could create a hazard to anyone

Last, but probably the most important point. COMMUNICATION!

Problems can occur on site, and if they do please discuss the problem with the people involved, or talk to a Committee member. They can all be resolved in an amicable manner, so please don’t:

  • Take matters into your own hands

  • Add to the problem by creating a further problem

If there is anything you are concerned about you should talk to a Committee member, or attend the Open Access session that is available at every Committee meeting. Meeting dates are shown on the Minutes that are posted on the Notice Board.

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