Frequently asked questions

Q5. What criteria are applied during the Cultivation Surveys?

There are a number of criteria. The first is the level of cultivation: After the first three months of Tenancy the plot must be cultivated at least 25%; after one year the plot must be cultivated at a level of at least 75%. Other measures are also applied. Has the plot been worked? Is the path, which is on the right from the nearest fairway, properly maintained? Are uncultivated areas tidy? Are there tall weeds or grass? Are there items of rubbish which need removing?

Q6. What happens if my plot fails the Cultivation Survey?

If your plot fails the Cultivation Survey, you will receive a letter giving at least two weeks’ notice to attend to the breach, at which time a further survey will be carried out. If the documented issues have not been addressed, you will receive a further letter that will explain that as you are breaking the Conditions of the Tenancy Agreement, you are at risk of your Tenancy being terminated. If you have health or other problems, please let the Secretary know (in confidence).

Q7. If my tenancy is terminated, what recourse do I have?

In the first instance you should state your case in writing (Email is acceptable – to the Secretary who will then ask the Committee to consider the case. If the Committee upholds the termination, then you have the option to ask Bexley Council’s Allotment Team to intervene.

Q8. What other responsibilities do I have regarding my plot?

The Committee are always striving to ensure the site is clean and tidy, and there are a number of plotholders who give freely of their time to ensure that necessary repairs and maintenance are carried out on site. You can assist by ensuring all areas around your plot are kept tidy and any rubbish removed.

Q9. Why do we sometimes have Working Parties?

Many areas of site maintenance and improvement are undertaken by a small group of plotholders who give their time freely to ensure the site looks tidy and operates smoothly. From time to time some major works need to be undertaken, and that is when we ask plotholders to assist. If you see that a Working Party is required, please do your best to attend and assist where possible.

Q10. What is Ruxley in Bloom?

The competition, previously known as Bexley in Bloom, is now organised by Ruxley Manor Garden Centre, and includes sites in Bromley and Dartford. It has a number of categories, of which Best Allotment Site and Best Allotment Plot are relevant to us. We have been fortunate enough to have won the Competition for Best Allotment Site more than any other site. One of our plotholders has also won Best Plot on a number of occasions. You can help us retain this award by keeping your plot and path tidy.

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