Our managing committee

The site is administered and run operationally by elected officers and a Committee. The people who hold these positions are elected annually at our AGM, held in February. The Officers and Committee members are shown below.


In addition to the AGM, Committee meetings are held bi-monthly where matters concerning the operation of the site are discussed and decisions made. Each Committee meeting has an ‘Open Access’ time when any plotholders can come and address the Committee on any matter they want to bring to the Committee’s attention.

Adrian Hawthorne


Plots 94B & 99

Debra Collins


Plots 4 & 5

John Hollands


Plots 62 & 110

Mary Harrison

Committee Member

Plot 78

Linda Hartard

Committee Member

Plot 7

John Young

Committee Member

Plot 121

Derrick Martin

Deputy Chairman

Plot 35

Ray Mitchell

Comittee Member

Plot 56

Eddy Haydon

Committee Member

Plots 23, 24 & 25A

Roy Seymour

Committee Member

Plot 53

Richard Collins

Committee Member

Plots 4 & 5