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News and events

Mencap award

23 February 2024

Please click below to download an article on a recent award for outstanding work.

Click here to download.

ARLGA approved accounts year ending 31st December 2023

23 February 2024

Please click below to download the audited accounts for ARLGA. These accounts have been reviewed and passed by the Committee.

Click here to download.

ARLGA Business Plan

23 February 2024

Please click below to download the ARLGA ‘Business Plan’ which projects the finances of the Association for the next three years, based on the previous four years.

Click here to download.

Draft new Constitution for ARLGA

8 December 2023

Please click below to download a DRAFT of a new constitution for ARLGA from John Hollands. This document is still under review by the committee. If you have any questions or comments, please contact John Hollands.

Click here to download.

The Governments Proposed Peat Ban - An Update

8 December 2023

Please click below to download an update from john Hollands about the impending government ban on peat based compost

Click here to download.

AGM Date Announcement - 5th April 2024

6 December 2023

Please note the details of our AGM – I urge all Plotholders to save the date and make every effort to attend.


ARLGA – Annual General Meeting

Friday 5 April 2024  7.45 for 8pm

To be held at:-

Boys Brigade Hall, Bexleyheath Broadway

Pruning Safety

24 October 2023

Be safe when pruning trees and hedges. Click on the link below to see the equipment available on site for this purpose. 


Click here to download.


1 October 2023

The use of Bonfires has been delayed due to the unseasonal weather. When re-instated the following rules apply.  


Click here to download the rules.

Bexleyheath and Falconwood Horticultural Shows

14 July 2023

Bexleyheath and District Horticultural Society will be running an enhanced show this year on Saturday 9th September with additional classes. The schedule can be found by clicking the link below. Do think about entering and if not come along during the afternoon and be able to say ‘Mine are as good as those!!!’

Click here to download the BHDS show schedule


To get you all in the mood Falconwood and District Horticultural Society are holding a similar show on Saturday 19th August so do consider entering their show and if not visit to get some ideas!! Their schedule can be found by clicking on the link below.

Click here to download the Falconwood show schedule

Serious complaint

20 June 2023

Bexley Council have advised that they have received an anonymous complaint of malpractice being carried out by some plot holders at Alers Road.

Click here to download details

ARLGA response to Revised Tenancy Agreement proposed by Council

30 May 2023

Bexley Council have proposed a revised tenancy agreement. See detail in prior news item dated 26 April 2023. The association have now responded to the new proposed agreement. To download our response click the link below.

Click here to download our response to the proposed new agreement

Click here to download the response to the proposed new agreement from Jim Buttress RHS VMH

Council Proposed Revised Tenancy Agreement

26 April 2023

Bexley Council have proposed a revised tenancy agreement. This document and the initial review points from John Hollands are available below.

Click here to download the proposed new agreement

Click here to download personal draft review of the new agreement by John Hollands

ARLGA AGM 2023 - Friday 21st April at 7.45 for 8.00

31 March 2023

All members of the association are invited to the Annual General Meeting on the above date.

Click here to download the AGM details and agenda

End of Bonfire Season

25 March 2021

Please be aware that Bonfires are BANNED after 31st March. Please ensure that if you do have a bonfire before then that you observe the Bonfire Guidelines.

Click here to read the Bonfire guidelines

Alers Road Leisure Gardens Association

Changes to the Association’s Email

22 February 2021

Please be aware that the Association’s email is changing. When email started to be used as a method of communication an Email account was set up for the Association. This was:




Initially this was lightly used, but as email usage has increased it has been decided to make some changes.


  1. We will have separate Email Addresses for the various roles within the Association (See below for details)

  2. The Email Accounts will be within the same Domain as the Association’s Website


The new Email Addresses will be:



The majority of correspondence will be with the Secretary, but items specifically for the other Officers can be sent directly to them. Please see overleaf for an explanation of the ‘Site’ Address.


The Email address ARLGA@BELLEISA.CO.UK will continue to be monitored for the time being, with messages being forwarded to the Secretary.


Please update your records to reflect these changes



The Site Co-Ordinator


For some time it has been felt that the role of Secretary has encompassed a great many tasks over and beyond the purely administrative ones that are normally associated with being the Secretary.


As such it has been decided to split the tasks between the administrative and the practical site tasks. As such the role of Site Co-ordinator has been established. This role will organise the general management of the site, including the regular maintenance tasks, repairs as required and improvements to the site as agreed by the Committee.


The ‘Site’ email address will be for the use of the person elected to this role. Until the position is officially filled the address will be monitored and used where needed.

Bexleyheath Horticultural Society - Alers Road Potato Orders

19th January 2021

I’m pleased to say that despite a number of problems and delays we will receive our Seed Potatoes and the Onion Sets and Shallots tomorrow – Wednesday 20th Jan. However, as I’m sure you can appreciate due to Covid 19 restrictions we can’t allow the ‘Crowds’ that usually turn up on Potato Sunday.


As such please see the extra arrangements below that I’ll put in place to alleviate the situation.

  • If at all possible please avoid coming on Sunday 24th and use one of the other slots

  • If you’re an Alers Road Plotholder and you’re on site when I’m there – most mornings – I’ll be happy to open up and let you have your potatoes and any onions you require.

  • I’ll be opening the shop in the week following Potato Sunday

    • Tuesday 26th        10.30 to 12.00;

    • Wednesday 27th   13.30 to 3.00;

    • Thursday 28th       10.30 to 12.00.

  • If you still have a problem please contact me to make other arrangements –


Please wear a Face Covering and Socially Distance

Chairman's Appeal - Association Secretary Needed

4th January 2021

As you are all aware by now, John Hollands has given notice that he will be stepping down from his role as Secretary at the AGM in April. So I am making this appeal for anyone who feels that they would be able and willing to take on this essential position to put their name forward. John has stated he is happy to continue in his role as Treasurer and as a serving committee member, so will be able to shadow the new incumbent ensure a smooth transition for the new post holder.

I know how much John’s dedication and hard work has helped to ensure the efficient running of ARLGA, and in providing the facilities which we all enjoy.

If we are not able to fill the role of Secretary, then Alers Road allotments would revert to become a council run site. This means we would be dependent on the council for running and maintaining the site. Quite plainly this would mean the provision of service and maintenance would be diminished and the resolution of day to day issues and problems greatly delayed or worse still, not practically effected. We would lose all access to the site machinery – Mowers; Strimmers; Cultivators – and would also be subject to the Council’s Health and Safety regulations which could mean we have to remove anything the Council regard as a hazard. Other sites have had to remove all carpet and ironwork.

As indicated in the previous newsletter, the role of Secretary could be split between Secretary and Site Coordinator. The Secretary being responsible for administrative tasks and the Site Coordinator for practical maintenance.

A breakdown of the required tasks for the roles is available so please let either myself or John know if you are interested in fulfilling one or both of these important roles.

COVID-19 Update

26th November 2020

The allotment site remains open to enable people to exercise in line with government guidelines.


The relevant government guidelines are to:-


  •          Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitiser  e.g. after opening or closing the gate

  •          Observe “Social Distancing” with each other; keep 2-3 metres away from other people, particularly vulnerable individuals

  •          Do not share tools and eliminate contact with each other, for example, no handshakes

  •          Do not wash your hands in water troughs


If the situation changes notices will be posted on site. If you have any questions please contact the Secretary on 0208 303 0242, or

via the Contact form on this site.

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