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Ron Moore's funeral - Tuesday 11th February 2020

From John Hollands

Ron’s funeral will be on Tuesday 11th February – 13.15


Falconwood Crematorium


Yvonne and Linda would be pleased to welcome all his friends

Water supply being turned off for winter

Turn off date - 26th - 27th October

Please note that the water supply for the site will be  turned off for winter over the weekend of 26th/27th October 2019.

Association Show 2019

Images from the show and a new perspective

Janice gives her thoughts on the annual show.

Community Fridge Scheme

Bexley council scheme to share produce

Bexley Council are in the process of setting up a network of ‘Community Fridges’ across the Borough that accept fresh produce and operate in the same way as a Food Bank. Details are shown on the attached poster where you can contact Patrick, who is organising the network, if you have any spare produce that could be donated.

Parking in Greenvale

Please read and comply with the request below

Parking in Greenvale is limited and residents have made complaints that plot holders have been parking in the street, instead of inside our site in the designated parking areas. Please refrain from parking in Greenvale and use the designated parking on our site, so that we can maintain a good relationship with our neighbours.

Works on allotment site entrance

Works now complete

We are pleased to advise that the works to lay a new surface at the entrance gate are now complete, and hope that our members enjoy a cleaner more stable surface when entering and exiting the site.

Shop opening times

Please note the new opening times

From January to October, the shop will open as usual from 10.30 -12.00 every Sunday. For November and December, the shop opening hours will be reduced to 1 hour from 10.30 - 11.30, but will now be open every Sunday, as opposed to every second weekend as in the past.

Site security

Please lock the gate

Please ensure that, apart from Sunday mornings, the site gate is always locked after entry and exit in order to ensure the site remains as secure as possible. On a number of recent occasions, the gate has been found open and this obviously puts the site at greater risk from unauthorised entry, damage and theft. We are fortunate that the fence and gate provide reasonably good security for the site and we have enjoyed a fairly long period without problems. Please let's keep it that way by being vigilant and keeping the gate locked.

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