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Our on-site allotment shop is operated by our sister society, Bexleyheath and District Horticultural Society. The shop is open on Sunday mornings from 10.30 to 12.00 throughout the year.

The shop sells compost, fertiliser, seeds, seed potatoes, onion sets and a range of gardening sundries – all at prices even B&Q can’t match.

For seed orders we order in early December, and the usual varieties are available. We are happy to take special orders for the more exotic seeds, and a catalogue is available at both stores to allow you to browse and select. Any special orders need to be placed by the end of November at the latest. Please note that a full range of Flower Seeds are available on individual order.

We sell more products than it is practical to list but below are details of the main products we sell and their uses.

The Make-up of Fertilisers


There are three basic types of fertiliser:


  • ‘N’ Nitrogen – Promotes Green Growth

  • ‘P’ Phosphorus (Phosphates) – Promotes Root Growth

  • ‘K’ Potassium (Potash) – Promotes Fruit and Flower Growth


Most fertilisers are made up of combinations of these three; For example Growmore (a general purpose fertiliser) is made up of equal quantities of each. This is shown as NPK 7-7-7 it describes the proportion of each element. Others are labelled in a similar way so you can see the proportions of the three that make up a particular type. (Fish Blood and Bone is NPK 3-9-3)


In addition to the basic fertilisers there are commercial brands that add other what are called ‘Trace’ elements for specific uses. We stock a number of these specialist products – available at both stores.


Below is a list of our various fertilisers – mainly sold in 7lb bags – along with a brief description of their uses and rates of application. Also listed are our Composts and associated items for propagation. Should you have any queries don’t hesitate to ask!

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Products and their application