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New Machinery July 2019

Mountfield Mower


This mower has a rear roller rather than individual wheels and was purchased specifically for mowing paths. With a conventional four-wheeled mower the back wheel tends to fall off the path and ground the blade. We hope that this mower will prove more practical for mowing paths.

Toro Mower


This mower has a larger cutting area than the Mountfield, and is designed for cutting areas of grass rather than paths. It has two modes of operation: Grass Collect and Mulch. To collect the grass cuttings attach the grass box as shown above. To much the cuttings and allow them to enrich the area, remove the grass box, which allows a plate to cover the aperture, and this keeps the cuttings in the chamber until they are mulched and then allows them to be deposited on the area being cut. We have tried this and as long as the grass being cut is not over-long, the cuttings are not apparent.

Honda Cultivator


This cultivator complements the existing two – one larger, one smaller. It is driven by the tines and used a ‘Plough’ at the rear to regulate the forward movement. The operation can be demonstrated by the Committee member when you use the machine if required.

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