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Janice and John's Allotment Blog - 27th June 2019 - Shed-gate at Alers

Our shed’s journey from May’s wreck to June’s desirable ‘real-estate’

Our neighbour was having their whole garden overhauled, including new fences and dumping their worn out shed for a new one.  Seizing an opportunity for the allotment, our neighbour was more than happy for us (John) to dismantle it and remove it from his garden, and to have some of their fence panels.  It meant their bill from the landscaper should be cheaper too and so it was a win-win. 

The photos show progress from the shed as it was in our neighbours, being dismantled, and en transit (thank you to Alers-Champions John Holland and ‘Big’ Gerry).  You will see the condition of the site on the allotment before John cleared it and made a base for it, following which are various repair and progress shots along its journey to 28 June, which is when the last photo was taken to date.  A few more bits to do and then we will be brewing our first cuppa in our beautiful, new to us, re-used, repaired and restored shed.  An environmentally green project!

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