Annual Show 2019​ - A new perspective

Newbie plot holders visit annual show

We only had a very small 'window' of opportunity to attend the annual show for our very first time.  We arrived at about 4pm and were gone within 30 minutes but were really impressed with what we saw.  


The fruit, veg, flowers, cakes and preserves were all laid out really professionally and there was an impressive display of silverware on one of the tables, just crying out for this year's winners.  


Some of the entries were so impressive in size, I took photos with John's hand in the shot, to try to give some scale to the specimens.  


We were there for the awards and the raffle prizes but had to leave just as the auction was about to begin - the bread pudding would have got my offer!


We were surprised that only 8 people had entered and that these 8 gallant folk had put on such an impressive show.  


The Committee work so hard for this great allotment that we are all so lucky to share in it and to be beneficiaries of their hard work and commitment - a good way to say thank you in my opinion, is to take part in the once a year show and to enjoy time together, be inspired, drink tea, eat cake and make new friends.  What's not to love?  


Come on everyone, let's join the great competition, no matter how impressive our entries may be, it's all in the spirit and fun of it.  We'll be showing next year and hope you will too.  What's the target?  20 people showing in 2020????

Janice WW