17 July 2019 - Crops Blog

And so to growing...................

Our initial crops were couch grass, bind weed, comfrey and duck weed in the pond.  All of which made for a very green plot - totally covered  in it all.


John Holland had kindly given the plot an initial go over with the strimmer.  Then John WW (too many Johns!) valiantly set-to, clearing and digging and sweating, all very good for the plot and for keeping fit too, as we enter our retirement years together.  It soon started to resemble somewhere that could potentially grow something edible.


Runner beans were the first to be planted and caused us optimism that we were on our way towards a future harvest.  We bought some half-price seed potatoes from B&Q - half price because it was really late to plant ‘earlies’!  We bought Nicola and Charlotte. Our allotment neighbours very kindly gave us other plants which were superfluous to their needs, including courgettes, cabbages, cauliflower and some onion sets from John Holland.  You will see from the photos that we soon realised both slug pellets and netting was needed!!  The netting is a most attractive blue.


Week w/c 8th July, we picked our first crop, courgettes and we were absolutely delighted…..a few days later were more courgettes and it didn’t take us long to realise that we would need some courgette recipes and that it wasn’t really a triumph of vegetable growing, rather the start of a glut of easy-to-care for veggies……but we love it and our son and daughter-in-law happily took some for their own culinary concoctions.  Watch this space for courgette cake photo…..


John has continued to clear the site, to make more sense of the layout, including relocating our compost to the end of the plot and clearing the space next to the shed for a sitting and relaxing area in the afternoon sun.


We hope to utilise our neighbours paving slabs from their garden renovation for this area, but it’s on hold now as they are expecting a baby and it’s full term.  There will be more slabs than we need and so they will be available for anyone at the site - John Holland (and Big Gerry?) will again help us with transportation: heroes!


We hope to plant some flowers in time too…..any donations when you are splitting anything would be welcome :-). 


See you next time……