12 August 2019 - Pond and nature blog 20B

Calm waters..........

When we made enquiries about an allotment and were shown the choice of two half-plots, the decider for us was the pond. 


Water is such a calming element and as we know is really good for attracting insects, birds, animals and of course amphibians: frogs, toads (without tails) and newts.


So far around our pond, we have seen dragonflies and damselflies, butterflies, moths, wasps, flies and bees; two varieties of newts and a sparrow having a drink.  If we put up a Go-Pro camera through the day and night, I am sure it would reveal much more activity as creatures come to drink and to breed.   We have seen a damsel laying eggs in the water too and there’s bound to be mozzie larvae lurking in there!!!


When we first took on the plot, the pond was almost camouflaged in a sea of weeds and duck weed but we could just see it glinting.  Our daughter-in-law Beth did a great job of removing much of the detritus, whilst at the same time as looking after the 20 newts she found in the process.


Since then, John has flattened the surrounding ground, which was really bumpy, with mounds of earth and stones and broken slabs and bricks.  He has created a flower bed on each side of the pond and has laid astro-turf around the edges with slabs creatively placed.  It’s a great place to lie and catch the afternoon sun, whilst checking out the activity in the depths. 


We’ve yet to plant the flower beds but hopefully someone will be lifting and dividing something nice and want to get rid of surplus…….you know where to take it!


I think John has done an amazing job at the allotment so far and it’s looking really good with the pond area the cherry on the cake for me!


Here are some progress photos and as we are learning, allotmenteering is just a work in progress, unless you are a super-plotter, which there are some around and their plots are impeccable - you know who you are :-) well done, they’re amazing and we have a condition called plot-envy!!!!